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    Theft and auctions

    Theft and auctions We hereby draw the attention of our readers to the classic thefts in the Limburg border area. The cars in that region disappear instantly across the border and may reappear in countries such as Poland and the Czech Republic, where the classic market is booming. The thefts are not impulse actions, but tightly orchestrated actions that Read more

  • "The D Series was the last and ultimate development of the Black Shadow. However, manufacturing the engine turned out to be too expensive, so production only lasted 6 for months and Vincent decided to stop making engines in 1955 ''. Ultimately, only 144 of these ultimate Black Shadows were made. The engine in the auction is also completely factory original and that makes it even more valuable. The expected yield of the Vincent is between the 110.000 and 145.000 euros.

    Online auctions: What the fool gives it ...

    Online auctions: What the madman gives... Catawiki had it scaled between 110.000 and 145.000 euros. And we're talking about a 1955 Serie D Vincent Black Shadow. In excellent condition, that is. The motorcycle was registered by a motorcycle dealer from Osnabrück, not even very far from here. Read more

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    Catawiki: The digital vintage car auction

    Bid and score your dream car online. Catawiki: The digital classic car auction Internet as an auction house? Of course: it is 2014 after all! Online auction house Catawiki hosts the website on which you can bid from behind your screen without being incited by over-emotional aspiring buyers around you. And at the online auction house Catawiki you can currently Read more

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    Ferrari sells

    Top sales at the Grand Prix de Monaco Historique auction for the 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB / C, 1959 Ferrari 250 GT Pininfarina Cabriolet Series I and the 1967 Ferrari 330 GTS, which sold for € 2.128.000
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