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    VW Passat. Memories of a stronghold

    According to insiders, the role of the VW Passat Sedan will be over in a while. And that does mean something to me. The Golf is often regarded as the backbone of Volkswagen, but the even longer-lasting Passat has also represented VW's nervous system for decades. As the first of a completely new generation, he specifically set for More

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    Audi 80 L. Historic preservation with a mischievous touch

    The OEM plus look. No, we didn't know that term either. But the '73 -er Audi 80 L on these pages is the answer. At least, that's what the owners explain to us, Arnold and Indra Soddeman. Call it historic preservation with a mischievous twist, the mild upgrade that the rare classic has undergone. Furthermore, it remains nice and original and just as green as its daily environment.  More

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    Audi 80 F 103. Long-term parking

    What do you do if you own a 80 Audi 103 F 1967 that still looks excellent but will no longer provide driving pleasure? The owner's answer is simple: Put it in the attic, maybe it will go just like in the fairy tale, after many years one or the other will come More