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  • Audi 100. The successful secret of Ludwig Kraus

    Audi 100. The successful secret of Ludwig Kraus

    "It could just happen that after today I no longer work for Auto Union." Ludwig Kraus – co-sold by Daimler Benz to Volkswagen in 1963 – has been working in the utmost secrecy on a new project. The Volkswagen management plans an unannounced visit to Ingolstadt and Kraus gets wind of it. On the […] More

  • Citroën DS 20 Break

    Citroën DS 20 Break. The Nose of the Pike.

    When owner Marc gladly informs me that we are allowed to photograph a great 50 year old 7 seater station wagon, it could be German, French, Swedish or American, but in any case something beautiful. When a few days later I'm in a neighborhood in Amstelveen where a garage door slowly has a pointed nose with a split […] More

  • Audi 90 quattro driving impression. Uppercase superlatives

    Audi 90 quattro – drive with a smile

    In shiny Tornado red, the Audi 90 quattro from Jan-Siebe Bastiaannet shines at you. You can't miss it: here, on the grounds of Menno Wijbenga's ACP Tytsjerk, I've come to the right place. The goal: to make a report with a sublimely restored four-wheel drive Audi with a roaring five-cylinder engine in the […] More

  • Audi Super 90 Karmann Convertible

    Unique. The only Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet in the world

    Let's go back to the 2016 Bremen Classic Motor Show, when there was no lockdown yet and the world mainly knew Corona from the beer and the car. During the Bremen Classic Motor Show, the large crowd had the opportunity to see some special Karmann models and prototypes. The main theme was a rare collection. Not far from the Sonderschau was a car that would certainly have fitted in. However, it was not part of the Karmann collection, but was owned by the German Stephan Wöber: the Audi Super 90 Karmann Cabriolet. More

  • Audi 80 L.

    Audi 80 L. Historic preservation with a mischievous touch

    The OEM plus look. No, we didn't know that term either. But the '73 -er Audi 80 L on these pages is the answer. At least, that's what the owners explain to us, Arnold and Indra Soddeman. Call it historic preservation with a mischievous twist, the mild upgrade that the rare classic has undergone. Furthermore, it remains nice and original and just as green as its daily environment.  More

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    Recent misses: wanted classics of the future?

    The misses back then? Those are now rare, sought-after classics. Think of the Edsel, the Metropolitan, even the Amphicars. The DeLorean…. Sometimes things go wrong Car manufacturers naturally build cars to make a profit, but sometimes things go wrong as in “Idea succeeded, mission failed”. Then you are left with unsold cars, walking […] More

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    VW Polo

    The Volkswagen Polo developed into a crowd favorite after its birth in 1975. The Polo was positioned as the cheaper brother of the Audi 50, but it soon turned out to surpass it in popularity. The first series of the Polo sold well and laid the foundation for the current Polo success. The Spartan […] More

  • Audi 80 quattro (1983)

    Audi 80 quattro (1983). The showpiece of Klaas de Groot.

    What Audi is to Klaas de Groot? That is the great power, the intelligent technology and the exclusive comfort. And of course the quattro technology, which gives this Audi 80 quattro an edge for him. By: Dirk de Jong Klaas works as a claims manager. That he is an all-round professional with golden hands, see […] More

  • Audi 100

    Audi 100. Upper middle class

    That was the class in which the Audi 100 was classified 40 years ago. Now it has been promoted to the affordable class. How often does it happen that you come across a classic with only 98.000 km on the counter and then also belongs to the first owner? By: Dirk de Jong The […] More

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    Audi 80 F 103. Long-term parking

    What do you do if you own a 80 Audi 103 F 1967 that still looks excellent but will no longer provide driving pleasure? The owner's answer is simple: Put it in the attic, maybe it's just like in the fairy tale, after many years some […] More

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