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  • Datsun

    Datsun, not Austin

    Wherever you read, whatever you read about the very first Datsun, every time it is made clear to you that it was a Japanese-built Austin Seven for the Japanese market. Unfortunately, that's nonsense. The DAT Corporation in Yokohama had been producing cars since 1914, but it was realized in the XNUMXs that More

  • in ,

    The very first BMW car: the BMW 3 / 15 DA.

    The history of BMW started 100 years ago. BMW was founded in October 1913 by Karl Friedrich Rapp as an aircraft engine factory under the name Bayerische Flugzeug-Werke. In 1916 the company was awarded a contract to build V12 engines for Austria-Hungary. Rapp was looking for extra capital and found it with Camillo Castiglioni and Max More

  • austin-seven, 1959

    BMW restored an old Dutch Mini

    The job has just been done. To boost the Mini feeling at NedCar, BMW has restored a real Dutch barn find. The 1959 Austin Seven with chassis number 983 is one of the thirty that were made in the Dutch production run-up by Car Companies, which converted them to left-hand drive. More