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Purchasing classics there

What about the classic love of Audi?

In the National Classics Survey 2016 we look at the state of the classic love of manufacturers and importers. Today: Audi. You can only be successful as a brand if you know where you come from and are proud of what you…

An 1000 SP instead of a DS

AMK 1 tells the unlikely story of an AMK reader who was looking for a DS and came home with a 1000 SP. About 1000 SP is a rare Auto Union. A pure sports car with a 3-cylinder two-stroke engine…


Bugatti with pre-war speeds

At Bugatti, people are completely happy that they can deliver a production car that has a top speed of more than 400 kilometers per hour. Before the 2e World War, teams from Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz were already working on this. Closed up