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    Barn finds… A look back

    According to stories you will find finds in distant lands under warm suns in forgotten barns. We have often talked about the fact that there is also enough beautiful things to be found in our own country. And we came across proof of that again last week. Read more

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    The market, the split

    There is one thing that binds us right now: our surprise at the classic prizes. We read what they brought in at the international auction houses. And at Chasing Classic Cars we see how double thick glossy painted cars and some engines go to… Bored rich men and cold investors for hair-raising prices. Read more

  • Tatra JK2500

    Tatra JK2500, the communist Ferrari

    Communism and beautiful things? There was a tension between them. This is evident from the Tatra JK2500, the fantastic creation of Július Kubinský. A dream that almost came true. The Tatra JK2500 Sports cars or real GTs in the sense of Gran Rusismo? Of course there were burps, but they all ended to a greater or lesser extent Read more

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    Classics along the A2

    Fred lives in a village somewhere along the A2. He is there “That man with those old motorcycles, those classics.” The phone rang on a Saturday morning. At the door stood an old and a less old lady. Fred knows them. Mother and daughter. They live in the countryside. The mother has Read more

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    Barn find, barnfind or сарай найти?

    Barn find, barn find or сарай найти? France has long ceased to be the land of unexpected finds. The former Soviet republics have adopted that banner in honor. The search area is a bit further than central France, the distances are immensely greater. But still… they are there: the forgotten classics. in that Read more

  • Barn finds

    Barn finds, dance jus, barnfinds and patina

    Barn finds/dans son jus/barn finds and patina. Nights have been dreamed about that and where twenty years ago we made everything bare and tight, and sprayed, there we now find 'unrestored' classics the pinnacle of beauty. Patina or instant durability The market has even jumped on it through classics an instant rest look Read more

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    Wanted ... An Ex Indian owner

     And it is the current owner who is looking for that ex. During his studies, the current owner did an internship. Like so many students back then, he had a motorcycle for budget reasons such as transport and passion. A slightly older employee mentioned that his father-in-law had an old engine in parts in the attic, Net Read more

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    The find: A Harley

    Dreaming away is of course wonderful under these drab gray skies. Dreaming about forgotten classics. Diluted collections. Hidden treasures… In Auto Motor Klassiek we are lucky enough to be able to report regularly about such finds. And in the meantime we know a lot more ... But the guardians of that absolutely want to stay under the radar for now. Read more

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