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    A battery of 50.000 euros

    It is legislation and European. So generally pointless. Or not? Battery acid, like fertilizer, can be used to make bombs. And don't we all want that sometimes? Well, that's no longer possible. Because as of January 1, 2021 it is illegal to buy the separate acid packages that come with 'dry' […] More

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    Jumper cables and all

    The editorial Audi from 1983 has - despite being Auto of the Year - no tell-tale that beeps, buzzes or crackles when the light is left on. Fortunately, I do have observant neighbors. But it still happened to me that I found the car with - as the Flemish say - a flat battery. For Dutch people: an empty battery! More

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    Autumn time: battery hug time

    Autumn time: battery cuddle time. The season is just coming to an end. And it was a great classic season! Now every ride can be the last ride of the season. And then what happens again and again happens: with the idea that there will be one more top day, the classic is put down and… Autumn […] More