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    Crewe. Bentley headquarters for 75 years

    Abingdon, Manchester, Longbridge, Oxford, Blackpool, Malvern, Castle Bromwich, Cowley. Just a few names of places where the British car industry was rooted and once enjoyed glorious times. Crewe should not be missing from that list of names. This place name symbolizes one of the most exclusive car brands in the world. For 75 years people have been building […] More

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    Bentley by Petersen

    In the days before Bentley became a German prestige brand, Bentley was already a phenomenal brand. An absolute top class brand. A kind of Rolls-Royce with sporty ambitions. Bentley became legendary by the Bentley Boys. More

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    Phaeton: writing off for advanced students

    The Phaeton? That was an automobile from the absolute top segment. And VW put 'the brand' without an all too clear VW link. Because otherwise you would just think that it could be a Wave with kapsones. The car was presented at the Geneva Salon in 2002. And production continued until 2016. After that, a fully electric version was provided. However, due to lack of perspective, production was converted to that of the profitable idea E-Golf. More

  • Bentley S1

    Bentley S1

    Bentley was created by Walter Owen Bentley (1888-1971). founded in 1919. After the First World War, the brand was known for its sports cars that competed extremely successfully in the 24 hours of Le Mans. Bentley was taken over by Rolls-Royce in 1931, after which production ceased for two years. During the rebirth of the brand, […] More

  • Bentley Blue Train

    Bentley Blue Train, no trouble with leaves on the rails

    The Roaring Twenties and the Bentley Blue Train The Europe of the Roaring Twenties was recovering from a terrible war. Car ownership grew, although the cars and infrastructure were not yet ready for long journeys. And the British rich all went full time to the French Riviera where at first they only spent the winters […] More

  • Youngtimers in 2018

    The new young timers in 2018

    Lovers of youngtimers can look forward to the year 2018. There will be a number of interesting models that will become Youngtimers in 2018. There is a wide choice of models for both a small and large wallet that you can enjoy for years to come. Think of the Cadillac CTS for about […] More

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    Porsche big winner in National Classic Research 2017

    Recently we investigated how involved importers and manufacturers are in the classic world. Which brands care about their classics and which don't? One brand stood head and shoulders above the rest in the National Classic Research 2017: Porsche. Various international studies show that classics are big business. As it turned out, a […] More

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    AMK Classic research: participate!

    Can you take your classic or youngtimer to the dealer or do you have to go to a brand specialist? Does an importer do something for you if you have a classic car? Let us know in the large AMK Classic Survey! You may have already seen on our Facebook page that we have started this research. Ever since […] More

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    32e National Oldtimer Day in Lelystad: Top Event on 19 June

    The 32nd edition of the National Oldtimer Day Lelystad will take place on Sunday 19 June this year. This year, the largest free old-timer event in the Netherlands, will show a collection of 400 special historic automobiles for the first time, as well as historic vessels (round and flat-bottomed ships) and a show of historic lifeboats and sloops. If it […] More

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    More vintage Bentleys than ever

    Today there are more Vintage Bentleys than ever made by WO Bentley. And that is not possible. So there is a problem. If there were fewer, they would be rarer and more valuable. But the market mechanism that has made such a comeback for our government is […] More

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