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  • martyr talk, protection, damage

    Martyr dish protection

    You think, "Ah, scrabble!" But martyrdom protection is serious business. The owner of the youngtimer in the photo was pretty despondent. In the meantime, his local Brezan branch kept a supply of extra spark plug cables for him.

    With the solution that the owner eventually came up with, he will not win any prizes at the Loo. But the martens have meanwhile had to look for something else to gnaw. More

  • kittens, motorcycle, kittens

    Spring has already begun ...

    Oh yeah; in terms of cat love, consider what your reaction is if you discover after the winter, which is undoubtedly still to come, that your cat or that of the neighbors have used your buddy seat as a scratching post.

    So lay an old, sturdy blanket over your motorcycle. Or head a real motorcycle cover More

  • TSL, super oil

    Handy: an oil pen

    So the TSL super oil pen. They say so themselves: TSL contains unique active and passive chemical components. The active ingredients provide immediate protection against friction and wear, the passive ingredients adhere to the metal and provide long-term protection. More

  • An aluminum inner shield as protection

    Behind the scenes. From Lokari

    Lokari aluminum insert protects mudguards against sand, salt, stone, etc. They are available for various car brands and models, also for many classics. The inset inner shields are designed in such a way that air circulation is created between the splash guard and the wheel arch of the car. More