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  • BMW 1502

    BMW 1502. Restrained farewell to an era.

    In August 1975 BMW presented its 3-series. It marked a new step in the luxury small middle class segment. Its predecessor, the BMW -02 series, had been important for the Bavarian manufacturer in this specific market area. The arrival of the newcomer did not mean the final goodbye to the -02 series. Because the BMW 1975 introduced in January 1502 was allowed to keep the honor of the -02 series high for a few more years.
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  • BMW

    BMW 02

    Something to keep an eye on, a BMW from the 02 series, because they are also getting more expensive. After the Bavarian car manufacturer was rescued by the success of the 1500, 1800 and 2000, the 1966 series followed in 02, indicating that it was a 2-door version. 1600-2 to 1602 Also powered Read more

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    BMW adds centenary to atmospheric Knokke

    As you know by now, BMW is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. As early as August 14, a special pop-up retrospective exhibition was organized on the dike at the BMW Beach Lounge. The public enjoyed an exclusive pre-war 327 and a 502 'Baroque Gel' from the fifties. Also the iconic Isetta and more recent Read more

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    Bavarian breakthrough. The BMW 02 series.

    When the spring of 1966 arrives, many will know for sure. BMW has definitely taken the road up. Munich shows the BMW-02 series with the 1600-02 to the general public in Geneva. The BMW-02 series series is born. He will develop legendary status. And definitely put BMW on the map. Debut The BMW-02 Read more