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    Reading is fun – Mercedes-Benz 320A

    Phillip Kerr was born in 1956 and has since died of cancer. He was the creator of 12 Bernie Gunther books. They take place between the thirties and the sixties. In Germany from the beginning of the Third Reich to the post-war event, where many ex-Nazis simply reintegrated into society […] More

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    Too late for Sinterklaas. In time for Christmas?

    If you are busy with classics 24/24, you often see things that have 'potential' before they are generally 'discovered' and better known. For example, 25 years ago the first ex-Soviet sidecar combination came into the picture in the editorial office and a freelance photographer / V drove around 20+ years ago in a Citroen BX. She still does, although she is now working on BX number five. More

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    Maximum Mini edition 3

    Yes, because even in the first and second editions of Maximum Mini from 2009 and 2014 not even all models and versions are described. In the last part, another 397 derivatives are discussed. These have not been featured in Jeroen Booij's previous Mini books before. The […] More

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    Boss of the highway

    In the early 1960s, something unprecedented happened at the State Police. While many agents still have to do their work on bicycles and the Netherlands of reconstruction have to turn around every inch, a young lieutenant knows how to get rid of twelve Porsche 356s with the Minister of Justice. It is the start of the most legendary police unit ever: the General Traffic Service (AVD). Better known to the general public as the Porsche group.

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    Original Sprite and Midget

    Original Sprite and Midget is considered a book in enthusiast circles as a book that should definitely not be missing in the bookcase. Author John Horler described the Austin-Healey Sprite and MG Midget with great knowledge, in great detail and in great detail More

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