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    Toppers from France

    France was once a country where luxury, prestigious automobiles were made. The crisis in the XNUMXs severely breached that story. And after WWII, the French state interference in car manufacturing decided that many small and affordable cars and cars had to be made. More

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    Recent misses: wanted classics of the future?

    The misses back then? These are now rare, sought-after classics. Think of the Edsel, the Metropolitan, even the Amphicars. The DeLorean…. Sometimes things go wrong Car manufacturers naturally build cars to make a profit, but sometimes things go wrong as in “Idea succeeded, mission failed”. Then you're left with unsold cars, walking walking pace More

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    AMK Classic research: participate!

    Can you go to the dealer with your classic or youngtimer or do you have to go to a brand specialist? Does an importer do something for you if you have a classic? Let us know in the big AMK Classic Survey! You may have already noticed on our Facebook page that we have started this research. Since More

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    InterClassics Brussels: already bigger than Maastricht

    In recent years, InterClassics Maastricht has become the opening of the classic year. But since last year there is also an edition in Brussels, the InterClassics Brussels, which is already bigger than the one in Maastricht. Of course we visited InterClassics Brussels. If you've been there, you might have seen us: More

  • Electric Alfa

    Optical illusion

    Sometimes you feel that your eyes are deceiving you. That happened recently when a car with a very not so big trailer passed by. On those trailers was a classic Alfa, which somewhere passed a fold message to the brain when passing. Fortunately, the combination stopped a few meters More

  • Lancia Fulvia Fanalone on the Via Flaminia

    Feel like a party ?

    Still looking for the summer? That is possible in four weeks, then the Via Flaminia Classic starts. A week on the small roads of the Apennines More

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    Bugatti with pre-war speeds

    At Bugatti, people are completely happy that they can deliver a production car that has a top speed of more than 400 kilometers per hour. Before the 2e World War, teams from Auto Union and Mercedes-Benz were already working on this. Closed up More

  • Bugatti Volkswagen

    Serious, very serious

    In the British town of Fordingbridge, county of Hampshire, we have traced something very serious. There is no arguing about taste, no taste is still better than no taste at all More

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    Alfa Romeo SZ in The Automobile

    In our sister magazine Het Automobiel there is an extensive article about the Alfa Romeo SZ in March. The beautiful and unique young timer was photographed at Retrolegends in Valkenswaard. Furthermore, you will find brief stories about the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, the unique Howmet TX racer and a diesel Ford Granada in that issue. More