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    How the Taunus Transit became

    Most of the Taunuses / Transits were seen and used as tools. And where they already received care, TLC was lacking. In their later life they often had to make do with a lot of beating and little eating. Add to that the fact that at the time the factories simply did not pay attention to rust prevention and you understand why there are many more Ferrari GTOs left than - early - Transits. More

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    'Van comes in a minute'. The VW vans

    'Van is coming in a minute'. That was in 1995 when the Salland duo 'Hӧllenboer' had a hit with 'Het van comes soon'. The text is satirical about two addicts waiting for the methadone bus. At the time, the singer Gerard was a nurse in addiction care and wrote the text to present the heavy subject of addiction in a fun way at a study day. The one-liner “Busje will come” became world famous in the Netherlands. Rightly so. Because what would the Netherlands be without vans? More

  • Peugeot J9

    Peugeot J9: Convert a van

    A large number of us are having a bit of a quieter time at the moment. Then you can of course go Netflix in peace. But that's flight behavior. If you do flee, then flee ahead with your hands dirty, into the summer. For example, you could make your own camper or food truck. We prefer a More

  • Lettered classics

    Lettered classics: difficult trade

    Tapping €895 for a leather jacket with a brand or product name (okay: it's often Harley-Davidson, but the spectrum is wider)? Isn't that crazy? That you pay a lot of money to advertise something that you have already paid a lot of money for. If you are a pretender More

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    Exceptionally beautiful Mercedes-Benz

    In Germany, we traced this very nice Mercedes-Benz van a while back en route. An enthusiastic owner let us know, 319, an 1964. Restored and well. No, not for sale, because a new owner had just been found. Going to France ... More