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    Dreams and dropshippers

    You dream in bed. However? Because where else would you find a great 2CV Sahara for € 7.500? Well: on the internet. And somewhere there is bound to be a loser who has already transferred that amount with the promise of the mega-duck seller that the car would be delivered to his home prepaid. NOT! The last Sahara we saw was put on the market with “Bid from € 120.000”. That's just such a strange amount, but it comes closer to the madness that is currently called 'De Markt'. More

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    Picking up a classic - column

    It is always most convenient to simply take a freshly purchased classic with you on the trailer, even after a serious test drive. Experience has shown that otherwise it will rain unexpectedly or that you will have bad luck, especially if your new addition has not ridden for a while before he got his new owner. And the chance of this is growing rapidly. Because at the moment quite a few motorcycles are being 'cleared'. More

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    Appraisal is a profession. Quite a difficult subject

    We have been doing valuations for decades. And for an appraisal you must of course see the relevant classic. But you also need to know what you are looking at. For example, we had to assess a number of classics from a dubious bankruptcy, including a rather special Moto Guzzi. More

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    Buy oldtimer?

    You should take this into account when purchasing Who does not want to drive and enjoy a real classic. Super fun of course, but there are a few things you have to take into account if you want to buy a classic car. It is with the purchase of every car 'with experience' More

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    Buying a house in France

    Buying a house in France? The holidays are almost over and we have seen and done a lot again. And this time too we dreamed about… A house in France. Because only about 600 kilometers from Utrecht you can buy a house in France with a few hectares of land for More

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    Classic in England

    We regularly inform you that great (classic) bargains are available in Great Britain. Purchasing a vehicle – or parts – there is a matter of careful consideration. Hence a few tips. To begin with, you must ensure that the seller of 'your' (new) cart is also registered as owner More

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    Classic driving is fun again. And sustainable.

    The storm is over: Classic driving is fun again. And sustainable. The storm is over: Classic driving is fun again. The people who drove an old Mercedes diesel that is no longer allowed in Germany for pure budget reasons are brooding en masse on new Smart Plans to be as cheap as possible. Chasing after a tram More

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    Any disadvantage hep se fordeel (free after J. Cruijff)

    That is why it is now the ideal time to buy the classic of your dreams. That car is now within your reach. Because we now have a buyers market. Net gives a neat classic a higher return than the current interest rates. Moreover, it is much more pleasant to look at than a bank statement.

    We are happy to give you this tip. More