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    Our toppers in the Mercedes Benz and Porsche museums

    At the beginning of this year we visited the museums of Mercedes-Benz and Porsche in Stuttgart. The two treasuries provided a more than impressive insight into the history of both German prestige manufacturers. We set ourselves a challenge to put together a Top 3 for each museum, an almost impossible task. Still succeeded More

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    Bremen Classic Motor Show 2016 again impressive

    Organisers, visitors and participants can once again look back on a particularly successful 2016 edition of the Classic Motor Show in Bremen. In Northern Germany, those involved organized a literally and figuratively grand exhibition. 44.612 visitors from various European countries were attracted by the accelerated fame. As a reward for their arrival, they were treated to More

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    MOT and tax authorities

    Driving to the MOT with your suspended vehicle… is that allowed?

    During the suspension of your non-tax-free vehicle, you received an exemption for paying motor vehicle tax, among other things. But then you want to have your car inspected ... More