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    Campers can also be classics

    Oldtimer motorhomes are popular. There is therefore a lively trade in these vehicles, both online and regular and both with private individuals and professional dealers. These classic travelers generally offer a little less comfort and less sophisticated options than modern motorhomes, but there is a very large dose of charm. They More

  • Volkswagen T2b Amescador

    Volkswagen T2b Amescador, original Dutch VW camper

    It's a name you'd rather associate with a Spanish hairdryer than a Volkswagen, let alone a typical Dutch camper. Yet this Volkswagen T2b Amescador is as Dutch as can be, but you may have already understood that by seeing the dark blue license plate and the bright orange color ...  More

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    Ford Transit 1300 Camper Van (1969)

    In a flash we saw the Ford Transit 1300 Kampeerwagen (Camper) at the back of a yard in Wanswerd, Friesland. Reason enough for a classic enthusiast to take a look and take a picture of a Ford Transit that you will not soon see looming in your rear-view mirror. By: Dirk de Jong Om More

  • Volkswagen Amescador

    Volkswagen Amescador

    Volkswagens T1, T2 and T3 that have been converted into motorhomes are plentiful. In all colours, (formats) sizes and designs. Someone who wasn't very handy went to Westfalia. That became an expensive joke. The insight and commercial spirit of one of Messrs Ames, owner of one of the first Volkswagen agencies More

  • MB 100

    Mercedes MB 100 D: Rarer than a big AMG

    Mercedes is of course famous for many classics. But when was the last time you saw an MB 100 D? And that while whole masses of vans are used as campers or food trucks? The MB 100s were available from 1988 to 1995 as the smallest Mercedes commercial vehicles. They were made in various More

  • westfalia

    The motor homes of Westfalia

    Westfalia is a kind of camping+ company. Very early on, the company supplied everything to upgrade a VW bus, an LT or Benz-Transporter into a real motorhome. And at that time, a motorhome was still something for adventurous travelers rather than for dynamic retirees. The approach was that the builder More

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    Austin Camper: cozy

    You know it better than anyone, your holiday means rest! And how do you get peace of mind, not by rushing to the holiday destination in one stroke, but by setting out in an elderly Austin Camper. We came across the very elderly, but fully restored Austin Camper depicted here on the island. Near Ipswich. More

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    'Camping', a new verb

    The number of motorhome owners in the Netherlands is growing to such an extent that the NKC – the Dutch Camping Car Club – is becoming an important player in the Netherlands. For example, the NKC lobbies for the word 'camping' to appear in the Dikke van Dale. If you become part of the traveling tribe of motorhome owners, you choose More

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