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  • Ford Capri
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    The Ford Capri, the European icon of Ford

    It was a huge success for Ford, the Mustang that popularized the relatively small, affordable sports car with room for four people in 1964. That inspired Ford of Europe to design a European coupe. That became the Ford Capri, which was presented to the general public in Brussels in 1969, and in three More

  • Tickford Capri Turbo

    The Tickford Capri Turbo

    The Tickford Capri Turbo (1983-1986) The Capri Mk III had become bigger and stronger. The power came from the German 2,9 liter V6. But even then there were people who thought 'more' was not enough. (Lotus) Test driver and motoring journalist John Miles was one of them. He took his idea to More

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    A Tickford Ford

    A Tickford Ford. That sounds strange. But we saw one recently. And then you go and look for it… The company has apparently been around for more than a century and a half. And the Tickford Turbo Capri we saw was just a mild example of what the company has done, even for the most More

  • Ford_consul_315

    Ford Consul 315. Wrong timing

    We recently saw another one and admired its classic beauty: a Ford Consul 315. The in 1961 Consul was a tribute to everything that came from the US from A. But then on a European scale. More