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  • Simca 5. passionate love object for cock & janny

    SIMCA 5. Passionate love object for Cock & Janny

    Sometimes special vehicles suddenly appear, creatively transformed into a striking appearance. Sometimes it involves high-quality tinkering, but in this case it concerns a special bodywork design based on a SIMCA 5. We are fascinated by youngtimers/classics and oldtimers on 2 or 4 wheels and dare to experiment with the space [...] More

  • The Datsun Fair Lady by Albert Doleman. an aging dream car.

    The Datsun Fairlady by Albert Dolleman. An aging dream car.

    “Why do you buy a convertible at the age of 76?” headlined the email we received from Albert Dolleman, a now 78-year-old classic enthusiast. He gives us an insight into his most recent adventure: the purchase and restoration of a Datsun Fairlady. As is often the case Auto Motor Klassiek a story about dedication, craftsmanship and the […] More

  • A grandfather, a grandson and a Renault 12

    A grandfather, a grandson and a Renault 12

    We all have dreams. That was also the case with Alberto, a 76-year-old retiree from General Pico. His dream was simple, but deeply rooted: a Renault 12. It was not just any car for him. It was the first vehicle he had ever driven. A symbol of freedom, adventure and youthful indiscretion. A […] More

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