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  • Honda CBX550 F

    Honda CBX550 F. With those weird brakes

    Retro thinking has only just begun. And Honda was a forerunner with that. At the time, the CB500T twin was seen as old-fashioned to bizarre. They weren't sold much. They were – until recently – not worth a drop. The Honda CBX550 F was also sort of retro. It also had a front brake disguised as a drum brake. That solution was one according to the old motto of the Marines: Why easy when it can be difficult? The approach was complicated and difficult to service. Read more

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    Encapsulated disc brakes

    Encapsulated disc brakes. That was a thing. And that the Spanish brand Sanglas, later taken over by Yamaha, had the scoop in 1976, everyone has forgotten. It was Honda that brought the system back into the picture. You saw them a lot. On the demolition The inboard ventilated disc brakes became proud Read more

  • Honda CBX550

    The Honda CBX550. With inboard disc brake. (1982-1986)

    The Honda CBX550. With inboard disc brake. (1982-1986) Many of the Honda CBX550 must have been sold. Because on every motorcycle scrap you will find – and you will find – the Comstar front wheels with built-in disc brakes, which are characteristic of the small CBX. Is a disc, looks like a drum. And it never became. It Read more