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    Tuning from a box with plugs

    More experienced readers will remember (the stories) that there was an oil change every 1500-2000 kilometers and that the carburetion, ignition and valves were also seriously demanding attention by then. That a top-end overhaul at 20D km was not at all uncommon. The time when BMW boxers were unbeatable in terms of quality and reliability. More

  • Cees Fick

    Cees Fick and his specials

    A man with a socks and stocking factory and a passionate technician with a few rough edges. Cees Fick has rebuilt and built a lot of motorcycles in his time. For the frames he used Featherbed frames. Because those were the best frames. In terms of the basic technique of his engine blocks, he had a completely More

  • A unique motor project

    A unique motor project

    A unique motorcycle project. And clearly much more than a 'tinkering' put together on a rainy day. The machine must be built by a 100% technician. You can see that immediately because he is so ugly. We mean that positively. But what kind of a motorcycle project is this? It's a four-stroke. The More