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    The birth of a classic

    When Honda started making 'mopeds', the British Builders raised an eyebrow a bit annoyed: “Weird guys, those Japanese. But luckily everyone sees that it is nothing and will become nothing.” More

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    Chang Jiang? Chang Yiang? whatever!

    While searching on the Internet under this historic brand ... you will come across very little about the OHVs. The sites of Ben van Helden and ours stand out the most. And that is strange for such a big brand. On the other hand, the entire production - and that was a lot of units - was intended for the home market, for the government and the civil service. More

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    BMW vs Chang Jiang: Almost everything fits

    It has been researched: When you buy something, it remains 'new' for 6 weeks. Then it is in your system. This should take into account the concept of the honeymoon. You should therefore enjoy those six weeks to the fullest. And enjoy a Chang Jiang? Amazement comes first. More

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    Margin Life: A Chang OHV column

    After a conversation with a Flemish colleague, he jovially hit me on the shoulder: “But you are white? You are a real marginal! ” A scribbler in the margin. I saw it as a compliment and use the title as a badge of honor. In a world that is becoming increasingly dazed and in which € 600 is asked for an MV 1.000.000 four-cylinder. Where modern motorcycles are jubilantly presented as 'the ideal platform for your smartphone'? There I quit. And to my comfort, I am not the only refugee from that world. First out of a lack of money and later out of conviction, a few people and I, smiling mildly, chose to focus our love on classic underdogs. More

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    Chinese Takeaway: Chang Jiang 750

    Briefly, the Soviets scored a pair of BMW R1939s in 71. They copied them and they became the already seriously appreciated M72s. When the 'Russians' got tired of the idea, the former German concept moved to China. There it was renamed Chang (Or 'Xiang') Jiang. Named after the Yangtze River, Blue River or Chang Jiang, the longest river in Asia and the third in length in the world, after the Amazon in South America and the Nile in Africa. More

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    Refurbished. ZGAN or weakness bid?

    Refurbished Refurbished is a relatively new concept that is rapidly gaining popularity in the smartphone trade. Despite the fact that it is appearing more and more often, it is not always clear what exactly refurbishment entails. By 'refurbished' we mean products that have been 'used' before and that are as new again thanks to a refurbishment by experts. […] More

  • Chang Jiang 750 G

    Made in China Ben has had such a Chang and liked the other pictures. Ben has sold his copy a few times and bought it back because the new owners thought the twin was too slow… Hence the nickname 'Jojo'. And the Richard that is being talked about is Richard Busweiler, the man who supplies the world from Genemuiden with old Ural and Dnepr sidecar combinations. Plus an occasional Chang Jiang. The Russian / Chinese motorcycle scene is a small world full of nice people and endearing budgets. More

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