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    A bastard BMW

    Classic BMW drivers have a strong preference for originality. When Theo Terwel restored his BMW R68, the highlight of the search for original parts was the discovery of the original key for the lid of the tank compartment. Those are the details that appreciate a classic BMW for the pure enthusiasts / connoisseurs of the brand. More

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    Prudon, a Dutch motorcycle brand. Just like Norelli

    We don't really have much with it. But we cannot deny existence: There are choppers. Those were ex army motorcycles where American ex-WWII soldiers sawed everything to make them lighter and faster. Making it 'more beautiful' was of a later date. And discussions about that 'more beautiful' are still relevant today. More

  • Suzuki Custom

    Suzuki Custom: Between art and kitsch

    Fortunately, motorcycle runner / motorcycle dealer Joost Woesthoff is a man with a large frame of mind. When he saw this - it is not Rembrandt but one - Suzuki wandering unloved in the depths of the Internet, he bought it. Not for demolition. But to be amazed. More

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    Another chopper: The DPP Bijlmer Expres

    We already had a chopper yesterday and found another one. Once we had seen the machine before. About thirty years ago? Not as famous as Ness or Indian Harry, but still: 'Diks Paint Chopper' we read engraved on a crankcase cover of which the chrome had become somewhat detached from its background. A typical Dutch […] More

  • Santee Triumph

    Santee Triumph

    At a certain point everything becomes old. But not everything becomes classic. We want the Triumph in Santee frame that we found at motor race (!) Woesthoff, but just call it really classic. A Triumph as a chopper Choppers were invented after the second world war. At that time, many American former soldiers wanted fast and cheap transport […] More

  • Santee Triumph Bonneville

    We just don't dare to: buy a chopper

    Classics are all about nostalgia. And in terms of nostalgia, Easy Rider must be deep in our genes. Oldskool customs and choppers now also have classic status. But apparently in the mer Calvinist areas they are still a bridge too far for most of us. We concluded that during a […] More

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    woesthoff triumph custom

    Joost Woesthoff is a motorcycle runner in Brummen. Of course he earns his living by trading parts of Japanese motorcycles between – say – 1980 and 2000 'something'. But Joost also has by-catch that is not scrapped, but simply sold. And sometimes there is historical material in between. Because when you […] More

  • Triumph Bonneville

    Verkeerd afgelopen?

    This 1959 person Bonneville came to England as a container filling. On the eve of the last 'Bjoelie', the ex-American outcast was bought by a Dutchman 'off the cart'. More

  • Yamaha Custom

    Art or Kitsch?

    Capital is being paid for the early works of custom builder Arlen Ness…. So whoever knows may say so.

    But: Who knows more? Somewhere from the deepest recesses of our memory do we remember a company in Barneveld? One of the men who later became so big in the Harley More

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