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    Plymouth Prowler: second chance for a young timer

    Italians are known, famed or notorious for their fantastic yet meaningless constructions. And there are many ex-Italians in the States. That could be the link. Because much more pointless than the Plymouth / Chrysler Prowler you will not find them in the car country. The Prowlers had their roots as a concept car in 1993 and were introduced in 1997. About 1999 were made between 2003 and 11.000. First as Plymouth, later 'by Chrysler'. Read more

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    Chrysler: Too big to fall

    During the worst Corona jitters, it was also about all the consequences for business. Realists thought, “They will fall, and they will prosper.” Pessimists thought the whole economy would collapse and there were experts and specialists talking about companies that "are so big that they can't Read more

  • Hillman Imp

    Hillman Imp

    In 1963, the Rootes Group launched the Hillman Imp, as an antidote to British Motor Corporation's successful Mini. The Imp was a lot more conventional than its stubborn counterpart. It was just a small rear-engined, rear-wheel drive car. Characteristic is that the engine was made of aluminum. Read more

  • Chrysler New Yorker
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    Chrysler New Yorker. A model with a long breath

    Chrysler has never been such a well-known brand here before Chrysler Europe came into existence. And disappeared again. Here we usually had to make do with GM and Ford Americans. But Chrysler was one of the big players in its homeland The States. And Chrysler's New Yorker line was the top line there for quite some time. The Read more

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    Renault, Talbot and Cinderella

    Say 'ZX, GTO, Carrera or SL' and the classic world hangs on your lips with a shudder. Say "Renault R6 or Simca Horizon" and the opposing team will ask, "Would you like some more boiled coffee and how are your mother-in-law's troubled feet?" The missing magic Some brands and/or types simply miss 'The Magic' as Read more

  • Slant Six

    The (Chrysler) Slant Six. Short but sweet

    A very strong all-rounder with few pretensions. That was the Slant Six, a cast iron or aluminum inline engine with a twist: The block was tilted 30 degrees. This gave the body designers more room for lower hoods. Oh yes: the distributor cap became less accessible because of it. The Slant Six Albert Venema from Venema Classics Read more

  • Simca

    FIAT, Simca, Chrysler and Talbot

    Talbot, another neglected child Once upon a time, in 1926 the management of FIAT – then still with capital letters as in “Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino” – sent Henri Theodore Pigozzi to Paris to set up the FIAT importership for France. Three years later, the enterprising Italian managed it so well that Read more

  • Colin Neale

    Colin Neale

    Briton Colin Neale was once head of the design department at the Ford Motor Company and passed away in 2016 at the age of 89. Neale has never had much glamor in his life. Although he has designed many more car models than for example Bertone, Zagato, Pinifarina to name a few Read more

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    Chrysler Simca 2 liters. What was the intention again?

    A luxury Chrysler Simca middle class with MPS And that multiple personality disorder was perhaps not so strange. Because besides the fact that this large middle class car had been known as Chrysler, Simca and Talbot, its history was also rather obscure to say the least. La pauvre enfant was and remained a bastard. French. Read more

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    Chrysler Valiant

    In an ultimate attempt to regain the customer, which in the XNUMXs had succumbed to a – smaller – European car, the American car industry had to plunge into the market of the so-called compact car. General Motors was the first to appear with the later maligned Chevrolet Corvair, followed closely Read more

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