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  • Auto Motor Classic Day

    Auto Motor Classic Day, September 10

    The Auto Motor Classic Day will take place on 10 September, an AMK party on the grounds of Classic Park in Boxtel. Of course, hundreds of classic cars and motorcycles can be enjoyed, but there is more. Theme During the Auto Motor Classic Day we pay extra attention to Dutch cars and motorcycles More

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    AMK 2016. A great year at Auto Motor Klassiek.

    The accreditation of the Classic Motor Show in Bremen had just been handed to me, along with the press release full of information. And the confirmation of the announcement that Walter Röhrl would give an extensive autograph session that special afternoon of February 5th. It was the chance to speak to this multiple world champion. when I's More

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    Auto Motor Klassiek today a guest at BNR Media Affairs

    Auto Motor Klassiek is a guest at BNR Media Affairs today. The BNR radio program, presented by Harm Edens, focuses on developments in advertising, media and marketing. In the radio broadcast of 31 March, Frank Bouckaert (commercial) and Erik van Putten (editor) will Auto Motor Klassiek represent. Multiple themes In the More

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    Free trial number

    Via the site of Auto Motor Klassiek you can use a brand new service. Requesting a free trial number. You only pay € 3,79 shipping costs. That is even less than you pay in the store. This is particularly useful when, for example, you want to read an AMK without having to subscribe immediately, or if a friend wants to give an AMK as a gift. You will receive your AMK together with the other subscribers, so please wait until the new number comes out and you will automatically receive it on the bus. After naturally completing the form below More

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    Thirty years Auto Motor Klassiek

    Summer 1985, after a nice evening we decided that it might be nice to start a magazine. Well, why not? There were more people who had ever done that and we should be able to do that too, right? No problem. So we got to work, after a while More

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    October issue deadline Auto Motor Klassiek

    In the next issue ao
    • Rover P6 purchase advice
    • Trabant 601 Universal
    • Pontiac Catalina vs Ford Mustang
    • Mercedes-Benz 220b Heckflosse
    • 60 year Goggomobil
    • IWL motor scooter
    • The light brigade (including DKW)
    • Traversée de Paris
    • HGP Zandvoort
    • Wings & Wheels More

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    AMK for only 2,45 per number

    Until Sunday we will send out the subscriptions for just 2,45 euros per number. For less than three decades you will receive a super-thick AMK every month.

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    Auto Motor Klassiek even fatter

    It is vacation time. For many of us that means a few extra pounds. They must of course be removed as quickly as possible afterwards. That AMK has become fatter is much better news. For example, the largest old-timer and young-timer magazine in the Netherlands and Belgium is growing from 132 to almost 150 pages and now offers even more to read about vintage cars and young-timers. The price remains the same, 2,70 for subscribers and 3.99 for single number buyers.

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    Subscription to AMK today for 25 euros

    This weekend we have a special promotion. Today the subscriptions are sold for only 25 euros. That is just over half of what you would pay if you bought AMK in the store. Only today so, Sunday 23 June.

    Subscribe via this link or More

  • Porsche 911 vp

    Auto Motor Klassiek on iPad

    In addition to that you get the paper edition of through a subscription or the stores and kiosks Auto Motor Klassiek of course, we have also been working on it for years More