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  • just ride those classics! Throughout the year. Fun and sustainable

    The quarterly arrangement and sustainability

    The very, very most of us drive classic because we just like it more. The really thin, used cooking oil burning classic diesel drivers, they have never received understanding or appreciation within our circle. That a Company Car is a hybrid petrol and cheating software hypocrite with the lines of a puffy suppository and bins Read more

  • Zamac

    So Zamac again…

    Zamak was used in the automotive industry for door handles, handles, logos and decorative strips that are then often chromed.

    The less durable material has a tendency to oxidize in craters and is difficult or impossible to repair Read more

  • fuck_winter

    Finally winter!

    Because at AMK we love real cars, we almost always drive youngtimers and oldtimers. And that without paying attention to the seasons. So we will continue to drive next winter with a few cars that are very nice, usable but are not yet 40 years young. Read more

  • ameland, museum, classic cars, motorbikes

    Classics on Ameland

    The beautiful collection of Tjeerd Nobel has been exhibited in a nice museum with a nostalgic look: antique cars, antique motorbikes, at a nice spot behind the location of Fietsverhuur Nobel in Ballum (Ameland) Read more