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  • Mz ts250 vs moto guzzi v65 policia

    MZ TS250 vs Moto Guzzi V65 Policia

    If you do not dare to drive due to an eye problem that is temporary, but still feels too long, this is a precaution. After all, most drivers are blind as hell. If you start steering by dead reckoning yourself, then that is asking for trouble. Out of self-protection, I decided to give my Guzzi to someone who […] More

  • Very classic: Kawasaki KZ400 from 1976

    Kawasaki KZ400 from 1976. Very Classic

    Adrie te Veldhuis from Arnhem is an almost compulsive beautifier. He is therefore the man behind this Kawasaki KZ400 that we saw at Vintage Motorcycles in Someren. The Kawasaki looks captivating. Firstly, the 400 cc twin still has pure classic lines. But it is also 100% spotless. It seems […] More

  • Classic engine

    Classic motorcycle ride. The next generation

    Fortunately, the current generation of motorcycling classic motorcycle enthusiasts has been followed up. Motorcyclists M/F with passion, but not always with the same amount of technical experience Message to the young* The new motorcyclists M, and emphatically also V, appear not to be very sensitive to the most modern motorcycle confection. An engine must be 'own'. Being nostalgic. He […] More

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    BSA, also such a piece of lost glory

    Dismount at Storm BSA… Haters of the brand explained the abbreviation with Dismount at Storm. Connoisseurs cherished “Birmingham Small Arms” and the logo was called 'the piled arms'. All over. Museum stuff. Or not? One of BSA's toppers was the A 10. A brute of a machine. Ideal for long, heavy […] More

  • HHDuxfordDKW
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    Wanted classics!

    On Thursday 24 April, auction house H and H Auctions will hold its traditional 'spring sale' at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. For the time being, however, the number of motorcycles to be auctioned remains at 16. And that's a bit on the low side. H and H is therefore seriously looking for […] More

  • collection, classic Japanese engines


    Michael Buttinger of sold his collection of Japanese classics via Bonham More

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