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  • Classic engine

    Classic motorcycle ride. The next generation

    Fortunately, the current generation of motorcycling classic motorcycle enthusiasts has received a succession. Motorcyclists M/V with passion, but not always with the same technical experience Message to the young* The new motorcyclists M, and emphatically also V, are not very sensitive to the most modern motorcycle gear. An engine must be 'own'. being nostalgic. He Read more

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    BSA, also such a piece of lost glory

    Bij Storm Afstappen BSA… Haters of the brand explained the abbreviation with Bij Storm Afstappen. Connoisseurs cherished “Birmingham Small Arms” and the logo was called 'the piled arms'. All over. Museum stuff. Or not? One of BSA's toppers was the A 10. A brute of a machine. Ideal for long, heavy Read more

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    Wanted classics!

    On Thursday 24 April, auction house H and H Auctions will hold its traditional 'spring sale' at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford. For the time being, however, the number of motorcycles to be auctioned remains at 16. And that's a bit on the low side. H and H is therefore seriously looking for te Read more

  • fair, motorcycle fair, classics

    The booty of Barneveld ...

    At the fair in Barneveld - nowadays actually Kootwijkerbroek or something - we naturally found exactly what we were looking for. Such as ten metal valve caps for two euros. But we also packed a few of those printed pdfs. Leaflets. So brochures.
    That is why we now know that:
    Bromfietsclub de Brommende Mug on 2 November a moped fair is organized in Meppel, on the Setheweg 45, 7942 LA in Meppel. From 0900-1600 hours. Entrance 5 euri
    The Old Motors Club Herselt organizes a bilingual exchange fair for old and classic motorbikes / bourse d'echanges motos anciennes. That happens on 2230 Blauberg-Herselt (B). The entrance fee is three euros.
    On November 16-17 there will be the Retro Motor Fair in the heated halls of the firm Fr. Beavers. You will find it at Lierselei 177, 2390 In Oostmaale, Flanders. You can spend the night in the parking lot. the 'entrance' is 5 euros Read more

  • Royal Enfield Retro

    Retro is good

    True retro bicycles are of course not conceived as retro. They are just living fossils. Manufacturers have generally made the transition to the present with limited resources. And with the right slant, they give the best of both worlds: the old skool looks plus an acceptable degree of daily employability. Read more