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  • In the past ... the motorcycle market in 1948

    In the past ... the motorcycle market in 1948

    There is a lot to think back to when it comes to old and new. About what has gone and what has come. And we got such a moment while reading the 'Motorrijwiel Handboek' - a kind of all motorcycles from… Actually what the motorcycle market looked like then - from publisher Boom-Ruygrok from Haarlem. From 1948. We dreamed about the More

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    Invest as a game of chance

    Matured as a game of chance? Classic motorcycles as an investment? Well no dude! Just do some shares of Fyra or something. Of course there are a number of motorcycles with a hefty price tag. Engines that may become even more expensive. Or not. But even that is often the issue of the day. So cherish the dream value and do not sell.

    Classic motorcycles are fun because they are fun. Not because they will ever be worth a lot. More