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  • Cleaning a car – practice

    Cleaning a car – practice

    Because spring is coming again. Because then classics can shine again. Cleaning a car, what kind of polishes are there. Are all polishes equally good? Paint cleaners, scratch fillers, polishing pastes, sealing products, gloss, carnauba wax, showroom finish. What should we do with it? Many classic enthusiasts are in despair before the shelves with cleaning and care products. Here comes a signpost through the produce jungle. Read more

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    Cleaning and cleaning

    A well-groomed classic, car or motorcycle, should simply be showroom clean. And when you see him standing there, it doesn't even occur to you that he has been 'polished'. Read more

  • Remmen

    Maintenance of the brakes

    Maintenance of the brakes The editorial Guzzi started to use more gas and got a shorter and shorter run-out distance. A brake stuck. The Guzzi has a separate braking system and the right front disc turned out to be the culprit. The reason the brake stuck? That was internal contamination of the brake caliper. Brake pads and discs Read more

  • Car detailing

    Car detailing: Cleaning 2.0

    Car detailing. That is different from washing the car. Giving a classic a good wash and vacuuming it doesn't make it clean. Real car detailers are professionals who clean your classic car with medical precision, craftsmanship and many special tools. And how much better can you start spring than in a Read more

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    Upholstery repair at home

    Upholstery repair at home. It may become a trend towards home service. We also recently had a man who comes to solve electrical and electronic faults 'at home'. Colorglo does Upholstery repairs at home, and repairs leather, vinyl, plastic and textiles. We met one of the people from the company during Read more

  • Wibra Wonder Sponge

    No sugar cubes, miracle sponges

    No sugar cubes, wonder sponges. the 'wonder sponges of the Wibra'.

    Yet we mention those things - we have already seen them at the Action, by the way. For something from 6 items for 1 euros, you have unique cleaning tools in hand with these sponges. Just moisten and caress ... Read more

  • Feeding baby

    About nutrition

    Dead material Feeding does not really exist. Cleaning is. Maintain it too. Conditioning? Moderation. But we have our doubts about 'feeding'. And if something is out of date, broken or convincingly dead, then feeding or feeding really doesn't help anymore. Read more

  • Truckers luck

    A kind of Dasty

    Trucker happiness is a strong cleaning agent. A degreaser. For really heavy cleaning work, 'Dasty' from the famous Wibra House has been the secret tip among connoisseurs for years. "Costs little, works great." Read more

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