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    AC Cobra. A kind of…

    Cobras are not an endangered species. It is full of them. For many people, such a Cobra is the ultimate sports car just because of its looks. And for the original copies with V8 blocks, amounts are now ticked off with seven digits. More

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    Suzuki T20

    In the mid-XNUMXs, motorcycling - right on the side - was saved from certain death. Because motorcycles were on the verge of extinction because the economic situation after WWII had meanwhile become so prosperous that De Gewone Man could afford a car. And if you - at the time still as Head of Family - compare a car as a means of transport and means of transport with a motorcycle? Then there was literally no reason to keep driving. Motorcycling was for poor people such as students and other less fortunate and social fringe figures. More

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    Cobras in all price ranges?

    I've had one. Not a real one, of course. But a replica. And it was a scale model. Size is a large, detailed scale model. A model of an AC Shelby Cobra. And with respect for everyone: I think that's the most beautiful car in the world. Rumor has it that the V8s are not in the body of More

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    Verkeerd afgelopen: a Cobra in Eerbeek

    The AC Cobras are among the most iconic cars in history The demand for these legendary sports cars has been so great from the start that entire tribes in England and America turned to copying Cobras. But let's start at the beginning: In 1953 the British AC More

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    AC in B / W

    AC as in 'AutoCarrier' and B/W as in 'black and white'. Bold, but valuable in terms of information: the historic black and white photos accompanying the story about AC, the 100% British brand that only achieved its ultimate fame after fat American V8s were spooned into the forecastle. But before that? Then AC already had More