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    A late ride in the Ardennes - column

    The Ardennes in late autumn. That can be very nice. The outward journey was cloudy. Despite the less than moderate weather, the stay on site was perfectly manageable, because we had a real roof over our heads and the cook in Olloy 'nen Real Chef was zalle! Belgian chefs work wonders with cholesterol and heavy cream. And alcohol dissolves fat. We were doing well there in the west hem of the Ardennes. Paradise is only three hundred and fifty kilometers from home. But we had to go back. More

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    End of season - column

    Like old folks, you shouldn't expose classics to all elements. So between two showers the side valve got a final kick of this very long classic season. And then on a weekday you are the only motorcyclist you will meet. More

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    A castle lady on the motorcycle

    'I look like a sack of potatoes in such a suit and it's the plague for my hair' Look, those are hard arguments that we boys wouldn't come up with. But there are women who think a little more loosely about it. Like our Walloon friend Dieudonnée. Dieudonnée was a 'wild maske' in her younger days More

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    Classics: the trade ... the prices

    Trade and prices. Those are weird things. A friend of mine has a BMW R68. He was approached by someone who was interested. But that man wanted to trade. He had a BMW HP2 and an Early GS with real Dutch registration. There was something to talk about. The next More

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    Llwellyn, his BMW and Carmelita

    'Llwellyn - Pronounce 'Lyn' - Flint. Sounds like the name of a warrior from a Welsh hero saga. Llwellyn is not a warrior. He is a poet. He has the look of a mildly surprised flax-haired gnome. He is one of those vague acquaintances who occasionally find themselves in someone's life More

  • Hikers' cabins

    Hikers' cabins

    And the people who now start to make sniggeringly lame remarks, you can carelessly beat them up with a chain or gimbal. Hiker's huts have nothing to do with solo sex. Hiker's cabins just might have been invented for us motorcyclists. After all, we are individualists who are very happy with the uncomplicated convenience after a day of driving More

  • Continue on a classic

    Continue on a classic

    Yesterday it was about 'just using classics'. Now that the autumn light promises a beautiful weekend, the memory of already last winter comes back. It also fell completely under 'just driving on the same classic'. It's cold, wet and dark. It's storming and wet blobs of snow are falling. My high beams More

  • Triumph Tiger

    Theo, "Somebody Else" and an old man Triumph Tiger

    Wrench Ernie and I stood happily at Project 13C and pulled open a swing-top bottle of Grolsch as Theo and Someone Else drove into the yard. Someone Else had a problem stated Theo: “He has stepped back, has that there – a thumbs up to the bike that until recently won all the comparison tests in the world – More

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    Stop for roadside assistance

    Stopping for a fellow motorcyclist who needs roadside assistance. Who else does that? We classic drivers still do that! Because it's always nice to meet new people. And if you can help someone, well…why not? Where in the past we would immediately unpack a tool roll and use improvised options to use parts, such as a piston from a More

  • Cheap nostalgia

    Cheap nostalgia

    The value of our classics? In fact, it's just what the madman gives for it. And in a time of low interest rates, there are a lot of well-tailored lunatics who are willing to give 'a lot'. But they only do that in a small part of the spectrum. Nice classic driving? Nostalgia is still possible More

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    New engines. Modern people

    Owning a ZGAN BMW GS does not make the owner an accomplished motorcyclist. But the man we overtook on our brave classics drove like a wet rag. When we had a nicotine stop a few kilometers away - you have to nurture your addictions - the BMW struggled the More

  • ABS

    Something with ABS?

    I drove quietly within the built-up area. On a priority road. From the left came what I think is a modern motorcycle in a fast Tupperware outfit. We approached the intersection. He braked. And went on his record. I thought all modern-style motorcycles had ABS. That's the only electronic control cousin I would More

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