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    Summertime? Convertible time!

    At least: In moderation. We in the Netherlands still have to get used to the idea of ​​real summers. (And the idea that we probably won't go on an Elfstedentocht anymore.) We think openly and with joy that people in regions where they have been used to beautiful summers for a while, prefer to drive 'open' as much as possible. Through More

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    Convertible driving this summer

    The summer of 2018 seems to be the ideal convertible summer in the eyes of people who do not own such a topless vehicle. But convertible owners know better. Open driving is hell with this weather. Because in this kind of summer, overheating, sunburn or sunstroke and very stiff net and shoulder muscles are lurking. More

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    The summertime blues: coolant and convertible driving

    The Summertime Blues. Driving about coolant and carbrio Because of course 'Every advantage has its own disadvantage', as the Divine Amsterdammer once rightly remarked. Those few days of real summer are therefore not only a reason to drink white wine or beer late at night. The convertible driver we saw on the terrace of the Doesburgse More

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    Rover 2000 P6 S2 convertible

    A little classic connoisseur will remember that after the introduction of the P6 – which became known as Rover 2000 – in 1963, after the introduction of the P2 - which became known as Rover XNUMX - Edelcoach manufacturer Rover experimented with a XNUMX-door convertible version. A truly stunning design by David Bache who works in the design department at Rover. In the long existence of the said manufacturer, More

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    VW 1303 Convertible. The last open beetle.

    In August 1972 the VW 1303 saw the light of day. He succeeded the 1302. The latter model was the first Super Beetle and was only on the market for two years. Due to increasing safety and equipment requirements, Volkswagen decided to revise the 1302 and launch the 1303. Of course there was also a convertible version, which as More

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    Only mad dogs and Englisms

    Only mad dogs and Englishmen… Go out in the mid day sun. That's a song by Noël Coward from the time 1931) that Great Britain still had a lot of winning regions in warmer regions. Those were countries where the 'locals' retreated to the shade and on terraces during the hottest part of the day More

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    Verkeerd afgelopen

    The car can probably still be saved. But we cannot imagine how the convertible top on this Mercedes from the USA got into this condition. The rest of the car also looked like a 'challenging project'. Maybe everything will be fine, But we think: 'Verkeerd afgelopen' More

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    Opel shows open classics during German old-timer ride

    During the 22nd old-timer ride ADAC Hessen-Thüringen – Opel Classic, five classic Opels and the Opel Cascada give a nice picture of open Opel driving over the years. The classic ride from 26 to 28 May will take you through the Werretal area, on both sides of the former border between West and East Germany. This More

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    Prominent role for Mercedes Benz at Techno Classica in Essen

    During Techno Classica 2016, Mercedes-Benz Classic is putting the spotlight on the open models. In Hall 1 of the Essen trade fair complex, the Stuttgart manufacturer is showing models that offer the open-top driving experience, just like the current C-Class Cabriolet, S-Class Cabriolet and SL. Since the automobile 130 years ago More

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    Morris Marina Convertible

    A Morris Marina was the nightmare of the then British Leyland and Austin Rover dealer. Decades later, opinions are divided. There is actually nothing wrong with a Morris Marina? A bit of old-fashioned wheel suspension perhaps? In its heyday, British Leyland's Crayford firm was commissioned to cut off the roof of such a Marina and turn it into a convertible. More

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