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  • Ariens Harley

    Harley-Davidson: A chiseled purchase?

    Then you have a few tensions: Factory original copies are rare. Plus the well-known statement “You don't write anything off on a Harley”. The bike in the photos started life as an 883 Sportster. The block grew to 1200 cc and was further tuned. In the conversion to 'high pot', the builder walked about Read more

  • Honda CB350 F

    The originality blues. A sequel

    The last word has not yet been written about the originality of classics. There are people who go for 'factory original'. There are those who appreciate "time originality." That is a somewhat emerging trend because the prices of quite a few factory-original classics have become quite stiff. Read more

  • Suzuki Custom

    Suzuki Custom: Between art and kitsch

    Fortunately, motorcycle runner / motorcycle dealer Joost Woesthoff is a man with a large frame of mind. When he saw this - it is not Rembrandt but one - Suzuki wandering unloved in the depths of the Internet, he bought it. Not for demolition. But to be amazed. Read more

  • Verkeerd afgelopen

    Verkeerd afgelopen

    Those were childhood sins: The rims of a VW Beetle 'turn' to increase the track width. Install more fog lamps and spotlights than the alternator and battery could feed. Installing multi-tone air horns without relays… Optimizing, changing and customizing cars has been happening since the year the jug. Sometimes the result can be beautiful. Read more

  • Santee Triumph Bonneville

    We just don't dare to: buy a chopper

    Classics are all about nostalgia. And in terms of nostalgia, Easy Rider must be deep in our genes. Oldskool customs and choppers now also have classic status. But apparently they are still a bridge too far for most of us in the more Calvinistic areas. We concluded that during a Read more

  • in

    woesthoff triumph custom

    Joost Woesthoff is a motorcycle wrecker in Brummen. Of course he earns his living trading parts for Japanese engines between – say – 1980 and 2000 'something'. But Joost also has by-catch that is not scrapped, but simply sold. And sometimes there is historical material in between. Because when you Read more

  • volvo

    Fout Wood

    Root wood veneer on dashboards? That's for wimps. Hereby proof that even Provoijders can be creative. While maintaining the targeted effectiveness of real Vikings. A Volvo pick up with wooden loading platform. Read more


    A reminder: the DGR

    The Dinstinguished Gentleman's Ride (DGR) is a worldwide event where great motorcycles and distinguished ladies and gentlemen are combined into a first-class experience. Read more

  • Yamaha Custom

    Art or Kitsch?

    Capital is being paid for the early works of custom builder Arlen Ness…. So whoever knows may say so.

    But: Who knows more? Somewhere from the deepest recesses of our memory do we remember a company in Barneveld? One of the men who later became so big in the Harley Read more