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    Background: Coalition agreement Rotterdam provides for simplified national environmental zone policy

    The Rotterdam environmental zone for passenger cars will be phased out in the coming years. A fresh coalition agreement puts an end to the controversial zone, where older petrol and diesel vehicles were not allowed to be driven. He's going to make a drastic move. Older petrol cars with a date of first admission before 1 January 1992 are now allowed to enter the zone More

  • environmental zone

    Alderman Langenberg's departure is Green Left's Rotterdam party: Environment Zone

    All around commotion. The Rotterdam alderman D'66 - partly responsible for the implementation of the current environmental zone in the port city - has left local politics. Pex Langenberg survived several storms of criticism. The conversion of the Hoekse Lijn - the railway to Hoek van Holland - into a metro connection led to delays. The additional costs of the postponement More

  • Rotterdam environmental zone

    Environment zone Rotterdam introduces adjustment premium old car

    The municipality of Rotterdam is making money available to provide older cars with environmentally friendly modifications. Consideration should be given to the installation of a catalytic converter. The installation of an electric motor is also mentioned. For example, the cars can be made suitable for the Rotterdam environmental zone. Last year, the Rotterdam environmental zone came into effect. Gasoline cars More

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    Environmental news: D'66 lashes out at VVD

    In Rotterdam, the Rotterdam Classics Foundation has been fighting for some time against the environmental zone and for an alternative that, for example, produces much more results at an infrastructural level - and therefore also healthier air. The political leaders in Rotterdam are regularly approached to work on a better solution. However, D'66 alderman Pex Langenberg holds on More