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    Aston Martin Lagonda. A sensitive brute

    Brits are a conservative people. And what happens when such people catch fire? Then you have problems. Not only the Germans noticed this when they wanted to annex the island. The Aston Martin Lagonda is the result of such a situation. A prestige object for the rich and More

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    From bulkhead to dashboard

    The first cars were very much like carriages. But then with an engine instead of a horse as a power source. And before the 'dashboard' there was the bulkhead. That was supposed to give the occupants some protection and also turned out to be useful for screwing on things such as oil pumps and grease pumps. From 1905 that became More

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    A digital dashboard anno 1982

    The Lancia Orca was a concept car. Drawn by Giugiaro. A hint to the definitive non-appearance of this beauty, according to a friend - and absolute enthusiast - of Italian cars, lies in the possibility that electronics and Italians apparently cannot bring it to a long-term peace. More