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    Ostalgie: Trabant and MZ

    Talked to someone yesterday about the former GDR where life was good for about 80% of the people. Housing was cheap, education and health care were good and free. And if you just walked in line, you would have a job, or at least a job, all your life. More

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    Rolfs Reizen: The GDR

    A long time ago, in 1971, the four of us drove on a moped to the GDR, Hungary and Yugoslavia. The goal was the Italian coast, to watch girls there. That didn't work out, because we were running out of money and one of us got homesick. On our journey, past the pretty scary Iron Curtain, we saw a lot of motorcycles, which we found very interesting. It was very funny to first see a helmet appear in the rolling landscape and then an MZ, a Pannonia and many Jawas. More

  • Trabant 601L

    Trabi kehrt zurück. Rediscovered

    The GDR is history, but the Trabants survived. Interest is growing. Certainly in Germany they want to 'mit Abenteuer leben' again and keep the original GDR-Flash on the road. After the fall of the wall, the Trabant was no longer popular and quite a few crossed the border to the Netherlands. Sometimes for an apple and an egg. At the time, people in the GDR preferred to switch to a Western car. More

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    BMW and EMW. Look for the differences

    The BMW R 35 was an odd one out when it came up for sale in 1937. The year before, BMW had introduced the new tubular frames for the R 5 and R 6, even for the 'cheap' R 20. Those machines were also equipped with hydraulically damped telescopic front forks. But the More

  • DDR Fahrzeuge

    DDR Fahrzeuge

    DDR Fahrzeuge, 'vehicles from the GDR', the former 'East Germany'. Does that sound exciting or not? We all know the Trabantjes and MZs. That they are the clothing icons from the time when governments still knew exactly how to do it. And how did that end? We know that. In the meantime, the DDR vehicle fleet was indebted More

  • Classic tires

    Classic tires from Heidenau

    Classic tires. In 1946, in Heidenau, Heidenauer Gummiwerke started the production of soles and rain capes. From there it was of course only a small step to start making tires. In 1953 that was already 60.000 car and 40.000 motorcycle tires. In 1968 in the glorious GDR all tire manufacturers were swept together and More

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    MZ in Cuba

    MZ in Cuba. We don't immediately think of that. When we think of Cuba we think of beaches, cheaply sculpted young women dancing, cigars and of course the old Americans who have been kept there for decades with every conceivable and unimaginable patchwork. A 1200 cc Ladablok in a 54'er Chrysler? No problem! Those American cars More