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Hugo's Sachsclub

Okay. There are more brilliant puns made. But still… Sachs. For the over-XNUMXs and early seventies, Sachs was a world-leading manufacturer of single-cylinder two-strokes. We / they may also remember that playboy Günther Sachs who had a relationship with Brigitte Bardot. He committed suicide. But that wasn't out of heartbreak. He was suffering from Alzheimer's and wanted to forget it.
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DKW Hummel

DKW Hummel. ULM, small, but brave

Once upon a time, when children playing football on the street would duck away when they saw the local police officer approaching on his service bicycle... Recovery: Once upon a time when the moped youth were very pleased with the local police officer on his microlight.

DKW 3 = 6. Just about

For the early days of DKW we have to go back to the early 1900s. To the earliest days of the combustion engine. The company RE (Rasmussen & Ernst) had a factory in the German town of Zschopau where equipment for steam engines was built. Co-owner Jörgen Skafte…

DKW Monza

DKW Monza, stylish duo

Ramon Bourguignon is a passionate collector of classic cars equipped for sporty drivers. He enjoys the great power, the technology and a power source with a lot of temperamental horsepower. There is only one limitation for him, there…

IFA BK 350

IFA BK 350. The other boxer

The BK 350 (the letters stand for Boxer Kardan with 350 cc engine capacity) was a motorcycle model of the VEB Motorradwerke Zschopau (MZ), which was produced from 1952 to 1959; initially under the name “IFA BK 350”. The BK 350 was…


F12 instead of F1, the DKW F12

Two-strokes are almost extinct. They are no longer made for modern cars and motorcycles. Despite all their advantages. But still: Honda recently patented a two-stroke engine. Of course not a simple piston-controlled two-stroke, but something with valves, pumps…



A two-stroke boxer twin The MZ BK350 After the war, Germany was redivided and much of DKW's knowledge and production fell into communist and/or socialist hands. The IFA/MZ machines were direct successors in the DKW bloodline. But fortunately…


DKW: From global brand to Volkseigener Betrieb

DKW: That was once the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer. But before then, some financial hurdles had been overcome. The Zchopauer Motorenwerke AG (DKW) was brought together in the Auto Union construction together with the car brands Audi and Horch. Because from…