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  • Coming out: bail bonds
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    Coming Out: Release Notes – Column

    We bought another cupboard. But the thing is standing, and standing well. That was a good choice of my Love. The old cupboard had to be emptied and taken apart. He leaves under the motto 'function elsewhere'. Then you are left with the contents of the old cupboard plus the question of [...] More

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    Chang Jiang? Chang Yiang? whatever!

    While searching on the Internet under this historic brand ... you will come across very little about the OHVs. The sites of Ben van Helden and ours stand out the most. And that is strange for such a big brand. On the other hand, the entire production - and that was a lot of units - was intended for the home market, for the government and the civil service. More

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    Margin Life: A Chang OHV column

    After a conversation with a Flemish colleague, he jovially hit me on the shoulder: “But you are white? You are a real marginal! ” A scribbler in the margin. I saw it as a compliment and use the title as a badge of honor. In a world that is becoming increasingly dazed and in which € 600 is asked for an MV 1.000.000 four-cylinder. Where modern motorcycles are jubilantly presented as 'the ideal platform for your smartphone'? There I quit. And to my comfort, I am not the only refugee from that world. First out of a lack of money and later out of conviction, a few people and I, smiling mildly, chose to focus our love on classic underdogs. More

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    Tricycles and dates - column

    About a year ago I met a vague acquaintance. I remembered him as somberly seeking. Towards a relationship. “I thought I should get a dog to meet nice women. Then I looked after their dogs for two weeks during vacation from friends. That beast pissed in the house and killed a cat. ” More

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    Dnepr with Guzziblok: Improving the breed

    Converted bikes are timeless. And they were never created by bearded trendsetters, influencers and geniuses. Motorcycles were usually built out of genuine poverty. The block was broken. And there had to be something that was running, available and affordable. More

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    Attention BMW drivers!

    During a visit – by car, because driving from Dieren to Genemuiden on a classic sidecar with 23 Russian horsepower was just too long a drive – to score some used parts at our Ural/Dnepr/M72 main supplier, the coming autumn was discussed. Russian sidecar combinations are now recognized wind and weather defying […] More

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    Summertime? Key time!

    It has recently been concluded: If your kickstart ankle is broken, then you are blessed with a classic with a starter button. And you finally have time to put another engine in the 'kick-off'. A nicer engine. All of this also fits in perfectly with the attention to DIY activities in the context of my recent […] More

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    Column - brand love and relationship loyalty

    I've known Marc for a long time. And as long as I know him he drives BMW. When that was mentioned some time ago, his sincere response was: “What else can I do?” After disappointing experiences with his last two modern BMWs, he bought another two-valve boxer. A very nice RS100. “The other two weren’t actually […] More

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    Ural. Better a Russian than a virus

    The speed limit only needs to be lowered a bit. Then I can drive really fast. Until now I have had to make do with a flashing red matrix sign: “You are driving 84 km/h!”. That does not help the dike, which is threatened by high water. Better a Russian than a virus Speed ​​is […] More

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    From pride to old iron

    Have you ever thought about what has disappeared? How many classic motorcycles have been made and gone? That must be a lot. Old motorcycles do that in a few ways: they collect dust in old sheds, they disappear in bushes, they are dismantled for parts or they go […] More

  • Ural

    The Ural and Dneprs: risers with a dot

    A Ural or Dnepr? Well, there are no Pebble Beach prices paid for it yet, but the days when you had two M72s for 500 guilders are over. But things like Urals, Dneprs and Ladas remain heart-conquering classics. There is something endearing about classic sidecar riding. And shopping almost always takes extra time. Because […] More

  • CJ750

    The CJ750 as takeaway Chinese

    There are a few things you should know about China. You always get what you pay for in China. And: Modern Chinese are still prone to losing face. In addition, the Chinese hate the Japanese. And Chinese motorcycle history began in 1951. Chinese takeaway The Chinese are here. They just bought the world. Including […] More

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