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  • Fiat 125

    Fiat 125. The Italian volume sports sedan.

    In the second half of the sixties, the sedan range from Fiat undergoes a thorough renovation. In the middle segment the Italians launch the Fiat 1966 in 124, a year later the higher positioned and larger Fiat 125 follows. And it combines modernity with conventional technology. Nevertheless, it is increasingly regarded as revolutionary during its lifetime. More

  • Honda CB750

    The Honda CB750 'Seven Fifty' DOHC

    The successor to the 'naked' Honda CB750 OHCs. He had the thankless task of following up on the Motor of (again the previous) Century. And in the meantime it is already classic in many aspects. But no matter how much better it is than the OHC models, it will never be an engine of any century […] More

  • Yamaha XS 400

    The Yamaha XS 400 (Seca) DOHC

    There are a lot of recent classics that have gone completely out of sight and from our collective memory. Not because they wouldn't be good, but because they're just snowed under by time. The Yamaha XS400 DOHC 'Seca' is one of them. They are not for sale en masse. But the offer can […] More

  • Honda CB 900 F

    The Honda CB 900 F Bol d'Or. Really classic too

    After the CB750 ohc engines had already gained fan status, the Honda CB 900 F Bol d'Or DOHC four-cylinder was just plain old stuff. And they cost nothing at all. In the meantime, those Honda CB 900 F Bol d'Ors are not only classic for calendar years, but also in their entire technique and appearance. And that is why […] More

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