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    Mid-range saloons of Triumph. The Dolomite and its predecessors

    In 1962, Harry Webster started the development of "Project Ajax". That was destined to Triumph to give a permanent place in the (compact) middle class and to the Triumph Herald to follow. Development responsibility came under the responsibility of Webster, Michelotti designed the bodywork. The front wheel driven Triumph 1300 wash More

  • Triumph Dolomite
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    On the road with the Triumph Dolomite 1850 from Nan Beers

    Presented in 1971 Triumph a new variation on the Project Ajax that has been running for years. The group subsidiary of British Leyland, which was still relatively fresh at the time, was continuously active in the smaller middle class from 1965 with models such as the 1300, the 1500 and the Toledo. Project Ajax became from the beginning of the seventies More