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    Modern times – column

    Women and motorcycles. Women on motorcycles. It remains a field of tension somewhere. I once saw a hard core biker staring angrily into a copy of Back Street Heroes. The lady who forgot to put on her bikini top was draped over a Harley so much that he couldn't see the special carburetor on that piece of 'Real American Steel'. More

  • Condor A350

    Condor A350. The convection condor

    In 1891, the Frenchman Edouard Scheffer decided to emigrate to Courfaivre in Switzerland to start a factory for machines and metal products. Scheffer delivered his products, including machines for making watch parts, mainly to Switzerland and in anticipation of all the ever coming EU troubles made Swiss imports from France increasingly difficult. More

  • Ducati 750GT

    Ducati 750GT

    The 90 ° V-twin / L-twin designed by the genius Fabio Taglioni was already a bombshell. Here in the Netherlands there was a black and white spy photo in the then WeekBlad Motor. Everyone shivered. More

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    Bimota, almost always in trouble

    Bimota: Proof that Italians can prioritize. Even if it is only 'First the passion, then the pasta'. Bimota is one such brand that every student at Nijenrode Business University gets flakes from between their fingers. Bimota made the most fantastic engines and staggered from one financial crisis to another. Nice is not it? More

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    Peter's Pantah Plus Project

    Huge hit songs become classics. Technical feats become classics. Misses and sales flops become classics. We wouldn't even think of calling the belt-driven camshaft Ducati Pantahs misses or sales flops. But they didn't have a smooth start. Because Ducati 'should' be single cylinders. Or twin-cylinder king-shaft driven camshafts. And Ducatis More

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    Project Imola Ducati, Baines

    Years ago we saw our first Project Imola Ducati in the wild. and machine based on a 1992'er 900 Supersport with 11,5: 1 Arias pistons. On the test bench, the block on the rear wheel delivered 80 hp. But because the Imola weighed about forty kilos less than the donor, it was an extremely fast bike. More

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    The need for speed! A column.

    An acquaintance of mine is a real motorcyclist 2.0. He has an electric motorcycle and rides it as if it were a real one. And let's be honest: in terms of performance, such a Duracell GT still looks pretty good. He was even with it in Switzerland. There he bravely saw a built-up area More

  • Ducati Monster

    The Ducati Monster, that will be a classic

    Governing is foresight and all that. And that's why this story is about the motorcycle that Ducati reinvented motorcycling with: The Ducati Monster series. And that those machines are called 'il mostro' in Italy? That sounds a lot scarier than that standard English 'monster'. A Monster is a classic The fact that the Ducati More

  • Ducati 750 Paso

    The Ducati 750 Paso

    The Ducati 750 Paso was presented under the rallying cry “Il nostro passato ha un grande futuro” “Our past has a great future” The introduction When the Ducati 750 Paso was presented in Milan in 1985, it was very quiet in motorcycle land for a while. The Ducati 750 Paso was nothing like anything More

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    Ducati: Is 214 horsepower enough for a motorcycle?

    The Ducati Panigale V4 therefore produces 214 hp. To get and keep all that violence on the tarmac, there is a shipload of electronics on board to temper, massage and/or bring order to all functions and capabilities where necessary. As there are: BS Cornering Bosch EVO More

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