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    Classics: affordable and sustainable

    Now we can all continue to grumble that the classic world has been held hostage by wealthy, opportunistic neoliberals. But yes: if, for example, you suddenly scored 9.000.000 on a deal with some masks, then you have to do something. Because putting it on the couch doesn't help. Then with some bad luck you even get into it. So that's why classics are priceless and kept in acclimated safes. According to the stories… More

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    Instant classic driving: Just keep going

    There are people who buy a new car or motorcycle every three years to always drive safely 'under warranty'. There are people who spend a lot of money - because € 340.000 for a Porsche 356, I think a lot of money - because… Well, probably because they had at least € 440.000 in their back pocket and that was so uncomfortable. More

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    The sustainability bubble

    The sustainability bubble. The reason why so many lease drivers opted for hybrid buzzers? The low addition. And then just continue to burn gasoline at a low rate. After all, electricity is for microwave ovens and shavers, right? However? The petrol car is gaining popularity in the lease market. Is it because the sustainability bubble has burst? In the first […] More

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    The quarterly arrangement and sustainability

    The very, very most of us drive classic because we just like it more. The really scruffy, waste-frying oil-burning classic diesel drivers, they have never received understanding or appreciation within our circle. That a Company Car is a hybrid hypocrite on gasoline and cheat software with the lines of a puffy suppository and bins […] More

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    Leaf in the blower bin

    What people with a regularly driven classic, and why would they not do that? after all, the cars have learned to do it and moving means soups, sometimes forgotten, is the emptying of the heating / ventilation suction tray. Between the windshield and the bonnet there is a vane of somewhat unseemly space where all-too-fallen leaves and so can accumulate. More