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    Column - phase out…

    We all want to grow old. Being old becomes less idealized. But time and again it turns out that motorcycling is not so dangerous after all. Because there is a considerable number of old (ex) motorcyclists. And what they have all been through! What they have collected! The generation I'm talking about are now in their seventies, eighties. Usually More

  • India

    India. Who travels far away ...

    … can tell many stories. And classic enthusiasts travel a bit. For the real die-hards among the classic motorcyclists, the information below comes like manna from heaven. Although: we don't know if Shiva, Brahma and Ganesha are also in the manna business. You have to pay for advertisements. After all, we also have to live. The visitors More


    Motorcycling becomes fun again!

    We usually don't have much to do at the Utrecht Motor Show. Too new, too expensive. Too dirty. But this year there was a big exhibition of home-built motorcycles and there were a few motorcycles that proved that to enjoy motorcycling you don't need 200 hp and dozens of digital slaves More

  • Royal Enfield Retro

    Retro is good

    True retro bicycles are of course not conceived as retro. They are just living fossils. Manufacturers have generally made the transition to the present with limited resources. And with the right slant, they give the best of both worlds: the old skool looks plus an acceptable degree of daily employability. More