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    Shopping 1.0 - column

    If you hear it twice in a month, then there must be some play. While it was fifty shades of gray outside, I asked Joost Woesthoff, the motorcyclist from just one village away, if he had noticed that the key season had started again. Not so. Joost said: “It is all going well. Everyone wants used, beautiful and good stuff as replacement material. But just tinkering and messing around? Only people like you still do that. ” I thought about what people like me would be ... More

  • Joost, Woesthoff, party, 3 motorcycle run

    Open house successful

    You can take that with you if you live in the area: the open day of your own motorcycle scrap yard. Last weekend it was an old-fashioned motorcycle party in Brummen, at the Woesthoff motorcycle demolition. Lots of people, including people who had made quite a few miles, rock hard old school rock, fat sausages and beer. There were visitors from all More

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    woesthoff triumph custom

    Joost Woesthoff is a motorcycle wrecker in Brummen. Of course he earns his living trading parts for Japanese engines between – say – 1980 and 2000 'something'. But Joost also has by-catch that is not scrapped, but simply sold. And sometimes there is historical material in between. Because when you More

  • tank seat combination in the eighties

    Bad ended?

    Once a model of ultimate sportiness: a tank seat combination made of the purest polyester. Now rarer than fairness in politics.

    Motor runner Joost Woesthoff (Brummen) is involved in an emotional dilemma. Because the unique combination has been on the edge of the container for months. More