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    Ford Escort Mk 3. Momentary love, lasting sympathy

    In 1980 Ford presented the third generation of the successful Escort. In essence, the new Escort was a completely different car constructed from its first and second generation predecessors. It was also a fashionably designed model for its time. In the spirit of the times, it took hatchback shape, rather sharp […] More

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    Ford heritage takes part in price development classics

    The time when stocks and bonds were considered exclusive money makers seems to be behind us. Nowadays an investment can also be a useful utensil. Designer handbags, wines, watches and coins are doing well in exclusive circles these days. And of course our beloved classics are still in the picture as […] More

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    Bad ended?

    Just seen on the street: a spotless Ford Escort. A somewhat young classic that has probably remained so beautiful because it is an 25 km / h version More

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