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    Yamaha XZ550 (1982-1983) Background info

    If you are a trader, you are silent about your purchase prices. If you're not a trader, you can be a little more open-minded. So you may all know that the purchase of the extremely rare Yamaha XZ550 started with the comment from friend Kees van Rumpt that he had run into a motorcycle that could go for any serious offer above 150 euros. I offered 151 euros and an apple tart. Then there was the ride to Dirksland vv. More

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    The market forces and the enthusiasts

    Here on this side of the screen, we like almost everything, but we have our stable preferences in terms of brands and types. We see it just like with relationships: You can float from one to the other, but if you stay with someone you get to know that person and if it goes well, you will appreciate it more and more. More

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    BMW R90S. Orange above

    The BMW R90Ssen were resounding statements. They were BMWs, they were fast and they were a cheerful orange: Daytona Orange (or seriously 'Silberrauch'). The colors were sprayed on. And that spraying was done by hand. Because of that spraying from the wrist, every BMW R90S is actually unique. More

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    Classics are NOT expensive

    That is perhaps as short-sighted as the cry that they have become unaffordable. But during one of the first serious conversations of the new year - and best wishes! – the idea came to the fore. Classics can cost some serious money these days. But that makes More

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    Time passes quickly. Classic prizes

    Time passes quickly. Just like motorcycles used to do. Because then we drove unlimited and always full throttle. The classic prices are also going fast. And unfortunately for us not down any time soon. Now that price thing is of course partly the delusion of the day. And what if we compare classic prices with current new prices? More

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    Now that the crisis is over ...

    … Then we can start doing crazy things again. Buy model cars, for example. Whether that is childish? Mwahhh… The models made by Robert Gülpen Engineering have passed that phase. It to More