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  • Fiat 600 L (1973) by Dirk. attraction.

    Fiat 600 L (1973) by Dirk. attraction. 

    “I want to do something to experience the fun you can have on the road with the Fiat 600.” That was Dirk's argument to purchase this bright yellow 'big' small car as a hobby car two years ago. The Fiat 600 L from 1973 is beautiful, after all, the eye wants to […] More

  • Fiat 600 D

    Fiat 600. Strong concept, internationally loved

    Ask various car enthusiasts about a favorite Fiat model, and often you will hear the type name 500. Its popularity has risen to mythical proportions. However, the 600 served the ever-growing group of buyers who were able to afford a smaller car as early as 1955. It could seat four people, who […] More

  • Fiat 600 Abarth replica

    Fiat 600 Abarth replica (1973)

    Hans Hoonakker was the founder of Fiat 600 club and was registered as number 19. He has owned his Fiat 600 Abarth replica since August 26, 1980. The sporty-looking classic is from November 7, 1963 and is listed on the license plate as Fiat with the details Seat BG, Type 600 L. And although 'none' is mentioned on that license plate, the car is for Hans and his wife Thea. special. More

  • Fiat 600

    Daydreaming about the Fiat 600

    The editorship for Auto Motor Klassiek has brought me special encounters, events and reports since 2013. It leads me to special places. Besides that: thanks to the good contacts in the field, I know quite well what is going on. This way I know which classics will soon be added to a trading stock of a known person, and where […] More