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  • AMK Festival

    The first AMK Festival in Zandvoort. Special and successful

    Expectations were high. 402 Automotive and Auto Motor Klassiek organized the first AMK Festival at Circuit Park Zandvoort. And that coincided nicely with the State of Art Historic Zandvoort Trophy. Months of preparation led to an eruption of classic experience on April 29 and 30, which was wonderfully enhanced by the dynamics More

  • AMK Festival

    Organization AMK Festival completely ready for first edition

    This weekend the AMK Festival at Circuit Park Zandvoort will experience its baptism of fire. After a period of months of intensive preparation, the organization is ready to receive visitors and to ensure that the entire program runs smoothly. The first edition of the AMK Festival, which is organized by 402Automotive and Auto Motor More

  • Auto Motor Klassiek Festival

    Auto Motor Klassiek Festival will start in two weeks

    Recently we have regularly informed you about the first Auto Motor Klassiek Festival, which will be held at Circuit Park Zandvoort on 29 and 30 April. Judging by the great interest in the event, that Auto Motor Klassiek in collaboration with 402 Automotive, expectations are high. The debut edition promises a lot More

  • HARC
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    Historical racing classes of the HARC guarantee spectacle at AMK Festival in Zandvoort

    Find the first on 29 and April 30 Auto Motor Klassiek Festival in Zandvoort takes place. Last week we announced the arrival of the festival through several channels. We also told, among other things, that various historic racing classes of the HARC are making their appearance in the North Holland seaside resort. These will not only More

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    Zandvoort took an advance on Brexit

    Sun and rain, mini and maxi, Post-War and Pre-War, something for everyone during the British Race weekend in Zandvoort. AMK went on Sunday to see what there was to experience. Enough for a few pleasant hours. And then I want to go to the British race weekend at Zandvoort on Sunday. The weather forecasts are quite More