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    The CJIB is going loose

    Or not? If you have received the e-mail below, it is useful to think about it: Subject: Last reminder regarding Reference: 45S2XSPL1 Dear driver, We would like to inform you that you still have an amount outstanding with us due to violation of a traffic regulation, although the payment term is already More

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    180 or 120 Degrees? The Laverda triples

    A Laverda 1000 three-cylinder is not yet coming to the 100 hp, but is - at least according to the owner of the copy that we photographed for AMK 12 - too fast for the Netherlands.

    Within Laverda circles there is a mild battle between the owners of machines with the lever taps at 180 and those with lever taps at 120 degrees.

    Yet this beautiful Beul from Breganze stands for a magnificent piece of motor history in which the people of Laverda bought a lot of things abroad because the Italian suppliers did not think the quality was good enough and because no agreements could be made with it ... More