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  • Trabant 601 S fire brigade

    Trabant 601 S fire engine. Erik Riemersma's adventure

    Erik Riemersma and his friends are always looking for excitement, thrills and adventure. Who doesn't know the stories that every boy wanted to be a police officer or a firefighter? Together with his friends he accomplished something, accomplished something. About five years ago, they found this Trabant 601 S in an old warehouse in Groningen. Read more

  • Studebaker President fire truck

    Fire truck Studebaker President - flaming love

    Sometimes you hear special stories, stories with a rich history. Andries Bremer from Buitenpost is a plumber by profession and in his spare time he has put a lot of energy and passion into the repair of an old fire truck. His story is about nostalgia, about romance and sympathy, because after a commitment of more than Read more

  • in

    What a monster

    An interesting item for fans of old-time fire engines, an immense Ford anno 1972. A model that was not very well known in Europe. A powerhouse, namely an 7,2 liter V8 probably caused the siren sound to mute when accelerated. Read more