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  • Ford Taunus L Coupe

    Ford Taunus Coupé L (1975) Rescue operation by Keimpe Hoekstra

    Keimpe Hoekstra from De Valom in Friesland proves with the discovery of this classic Ford Taunus Coupé L that copies can still be found that can be saved. In the classic world it is often not 'what' you know, but 'who' you know. He also received a tip that a Ford had been waiting under a roof for a better future for almost 20 years. More

  • Hyundai Stellar

    The Hyundai Stellar: An old Ford Taunus

    Collecting classic Koreans hasn't really taken off yet. That is of course also partly because, for example Hyundai, was not marketed as extremely exciting. The Stellar: A great Korean In 1984, the then introduced Stellar was quite something for a Korean. This first generation ran until 1987. More

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    Ford Taunus 15M RS

    One reader has his eyes on a Ford Taunus 15M RS, “a car about which there is little to no information. I am especially interested in the sore spots,” he told us. He has found one, a gray-with-those-black stripes across the flanks. Or that one More

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    Ford Taunus Transit

    Beautiful van from Bosch The popularity of the Volkswagen Bus T1 and T2 is unprecedented. And then you would almost forget its counterpart the Ford Taunus Transit. There are far fewer of those left. At Bosch Automotive Tradition, the classic branch of Bosch, they have apparently been well aware of this, More

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    Grandfather's Ford Taunus in 3D

    The theme of the Facebook photo competition in July and August was the detail that characterizes a classic. There were several nice entries of which you have a report in number 10 of Auto Motor Klassiek can find. XYZ Imaging sponsored these months and made a nice report of the award ceremony. By the way, More